Smart Shower Head and Saving Water


Smart Shower Head and Saving WaterSaving water is one of the greatest cost-saving initiatives in a home. In addition to that, it plays a critical role in contributing to the noble and valuable efforts of saving the environment. Thus, it is very important that home-owners adopt various water usage applications in order to keep tab of their water footprint. One of the tools of cutting down water usage is the use of a smart shower.

When taking a shower, it is relatively easy to lose water. Overstaying when taking a bath is also very common practice. The good thing is that the advent of technology has led to significant development in saving water when taking a bath. For example, there are showers that are used in the purification and re-using of water. This is where the smart shower falls.

When looking to invest in the best shower head you should know first what type you are looking for as there are so many types to choose from. Second you should read shower head reviews to learn about the best shower head brands and best products to choose from within each category. Then you should be ready to invest in a shower head that fits your bathroom perfectly.

Smart Shower Head and Saving Water

The e-shower is a new innovation that resembles the structure of a Nebia showerhead. One of its greatest advantage is that its usage does not require any extra energy. In addition to that, it does not contain breakable parts which might need replacing. One does not need any technical knowledge or a plumber to use the shower. Thus, its running cost is almost zero. Water saving shower heads are important environmental consideration and point out numerous low flow shower heads that can help the cause.

Typically, the e-shower works through drawing a jet of air into the gadget. It can fit in most of the shower pipes due to its flexibility. Furthermore, it can be used by communities that experience hard-water. This is because it is not vulnerable to clogging or calcification due to hard water. The shower-heads come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Smart Shower

The shower head can sense how close one is to the shower-head. It uses a smart phone app in order to make a connection. If need be, it can drastically cut down the water flow. Moreover, it is important in that it atomizes water into droplets . It incorporates both controlling the water and water usage data collection. One can do a comparison with others who are using it n how the water has been. Overall, it can be used to help homeowners set and be faithful to water targets. One such shower head is the AKDY AZ6021 Rain Style which has been described on some of the best shower head reviews to provides sufficient water pressure to make the most out of your showering experience which of course is a key feature when it comes to

The smart shower plays an effective role in customizing water settings and also checking the threshold of the water usage. It features infographics that are used to measure and monitor consumption of water and tech the kids about sustainability of resources such as water.

Notable Example: Consumer Electronic Shows, Las Vegas

Smart Shower Head and Saving WaterOne of the participants of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, was Gabriell Della-Monica, a French Engineer. He founded a start-up company in France known as the Smart & Blue.

He showcased his innovation- a smart head shower that. His innovation (Hydrao showerheads) have features that are used in the tracking of water that is used. It does this using LED lights that change color. The change of color starts with green, and then blue color to red. When the water usage reaches the 50-litre mark, it flashes red.

The source of electricity for the shower-head is not batteries. Rather, it uses a mini hydro power-plant. The pioneer generation of the show-heads was successful due to a crowdfunding campaign that win a lot of trust from the people. In connection to this, the second generation shower-heads are on the pipeline and they will attract a fee of less than $ 100.

One of the most unique characteristics of the gadget is that the shower head is not only educational but also fun. In this regard, parents can utilize it as an effective way of teaching the children on the best practices and habits of saving the resources. Overall, the shower-head makes you aware of your water usage habit. Through such knowledge, you are going to make the necessary modification.


The value of saving water cannot be underestimated. It not only saves money but also helps in conserving the environment. The use of a smart shower is not only cost effective in the long run but also a sustainable showering solution. Homeowners should their water usage and make the necessary changes. One of the best decisions chasing a smart shower head. It will cut down on water usage and also impart a spirit of conservation in homes. It will definitely give you the value for your money.