Korea: Strikers arrested by riot police

Australia Asia Worker Links -- On May 24 more than 2,500 police entered the Yoosung Enterprise factory which hundreds of unionized workers had been occupying for the past week. The plant manufactures parts for Hyundai and other major car makers in Korea. About 500 unionists were detained. Police obtained arrest warrants for two union leaders and a search warrant for union offices from the Daejeon District Court. More information here.

The Korea Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), affiliated with Yoosung labor union, released a statement condemning the police raid. “Law enforcement authorities refused to follow law and order by sending riot police into the plant. This is tantamount to a barbaric act. We will fight along with unionized workers of Yoosung Enterprise to the end until we achieve our goals,” the KCTU said.

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