Hot tub Trends: In-Home Spas Offer Health, Wellness Benefits


In-Home Spas Offer Health, Wellness BenefitsHot Tubs are tubs which contain hot water. They are small pools built for relaxation, hydrotherapy and massage. There are types of hot tubs that are portable while others are built permanently. Some are located inside while others are built outside depending on the space of the house, ventilation, weather and the amount of money one can manage. Hot tubs are also referred to as Jacuzzi or Spas. They have the following benefits:

Blood Circulation Improvement

The water flow on the skin when one is in the tub plays a critical role in stimulating blood circulation. This also helps the heart to beat in the normal rate and the also normal functioning of the lungs. According to a study done by Mayo Clinic, the patients who relaxed in Spas had a decrease in blood pressure compared to those who exercised on bicycles. Regular relaxation in a Hot tub reduces heart stress compared to the normal exercises thereby controlling the blood pressure. The heat produced in the Tub also improves blood flow by dilating the blood vessels.


This is a condition that causes pain, stiffness and inflammation of joints. Many doctors recommend heat and massage of the joints as a therapy. The regular usage of the Hot tubs can help the Arthritis patients to respond positively. It provides warmth, buoyancy and the massage soothes the muscles giving the patients unstrained movement of joints. The velocity of the water also strengthens the muscles.

Reduces Stress

In-Home Spas Offer Health, Wellness BenefitsAfter a long days work, one can relax in a Jacuzzi before retiring to bed. One can place their feet on the water jets for reflexology. This is due to the presence of many nerve endings on the feet which will transfer the relaxation to the rest of the body. This can also create good moods and relaxation.The massage and buoyancy create hydro massage experience that helps the body and mind to relax. In addition to that, the Hot tub massage also helps in unloading the joints, tendons and muscles giving the body a relieve from stress.

Diabetes and Weight Loss

A study was carried out and the results posted in the New England Journal of Medicine. Patients suffering from type 2 Diabetes Mellitus were put in a hot tub 30 minutes in a day and 6 days per week. The patients after only 10 days required reduced amount of Insulin, had lost weight and had a decrease in Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Plasma Glucose. Some fats and cholesterol is burnt out by the heat and through massage hence reducing the weight.

Improved Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation states that soaking in Hot water before retiring to bed can lead to deep sleep. One of the places that you can rest and cover yourself with hot water is in a hot tub. They also state that about 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders like Insomnia. The relaxation, heat and massage lower the temperature which is triggered by internal thermostat. One should take at least 90 minutes in the Hot tub before 4retiring to bed.

Improved Romantic Life

Couples can have private and special moments in a hot tub. The small sizes built to fit about two or four people can improve togetherness and romance. Couples while relaxing can make communication easy due to the reduction of stress, massage and the heat penetrating their bodies. It can also make their bodies warm therefore get attracted to each other. Portable hot tubs are commonly used by couples. They can be placed in any place inside or outside the house. Their portability is also an added advantage. Couples can go with them for picnics where they get their time together.

Staying Young

Joel M. Stager, Ph.D, a Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Indiana did a research and found out that regular swimming can slow aging by 20 % in some people. He indicates that it is beneficial to swim or relax in a hot tub every evening.
Bruce E. Becker, MD, clinical professor of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington adds that sitting regularly in hot water up to your neck improves cardiovascular Health. This enhances respiration and muscle mass which reduces aging.


Due to the increase of health related diseases, people should not underestimate the use of Hot tubs to manage the diseases. Portable hot tubs have been invented which are pocket friendly. The places which contain permanent hot tubs have also increased making them readily available. In this light, people should look forward to making use of the hot tubs to improve their health problems. Those planning for picnics and retreats should also consider relaxing in hot tubs as a way of leisure and having fun. Due to the increased population in today’s society, families should also look forward to owning their own Jacuzzis or spas.