A Chemist Interview: How to Deal When Your House Has Hard Water?


How to Deal When Your House Has Hard WaterHard water is not harmful to one’s health, in fact; it carries a number of health benefits due to the mineral ions it contains. The disadvantages that comes with hard water to households is what makes most people tent to find measures on how to convert hard water to soft water. In this light, it is worth exploring components of hard water and the appropriate ways on how to deal with it whether for health purposes or for keeping your appliances in good condition.

The Problem With Hardwater

The greatest problem with hard-water is that it is not suitable for health purposes. This limits the general use of the water and gives homes owners a difficult task. In addition to that, it is is expensive in the long run. This is because the minerals can cause general rusting of the water gadgets.

Having said that, individuals should employ concrete measures that will ensure that they always use soft water. This is going to ensure that they have long term water solution. If a resident notes that there is a persistent problem with the use of hard water, it is important to contact the authorities,.

Consequently, the authorities are going to seek a solution to the problem. Similarly, if no problem is found, it is important to involve the national government and see what options it has in helping the residents. All the same, one’s individual efforts play a critical role in ensuring that the problem of hard water is solved using water softeners or other water filter systems. Reading water softener reviews to learn about the various types and features available to the public is a good start towards, healthy, clean and soft water for residents.

Hard Water

Hard water is formed when mineral ions- calcium and magnesium, which are the two common ions-,dissolve into the water as it moves over and through the ground. The concentration of these metal cations will determine the classification of hardwater as either hard or very hard. In addition to that, water hardness depending on the level of minerals in it will either be temporary or permanent. Temporary hard water is that which contains primarily calcium and bicarbonate, and simply by boiling while permanent hard water consist of highly concentration of anions and it cannot be removed by boiling.


How to Deal When Your House Has Hard WaterThere are a number of effects that hard water carries. To start with, it increases the amount of detergent or soap to be used as it does not lather easily. This is because; soap is made from more than one fatty acid whereas hard water consists of minerals that react with soap molecules. This will therefore lead to the formation of an insoluble precipitate that causes little formation of soap lather that will require one to use more detergent to see the difference.

Lastly, it causes inefficiencies to the appliances. For example, heating in boiler precipitates calcium which builds along the coil making it inefficient as it will take long to boil.

How to Deal when Your House Has Hard Water

One will find using hard water a menace due to the numerous cons it carries to the house as discussed above. In this light, there are various ways of dealing with hard water at your home that is worth sharing. This is simply done by eliminating elements that make water hard.


Boiling water to remove the hardness can only be affective when it is temporary hard water. Since it consists of calcium bicarbonate, boiling will convert.

Discuss Water Hardness With the Water Supplier

It is crucial that one communicates to the water supplier on the type of water he or she is receiving, this is so because you will be able to know whether you are receiving hard or soft water that will enable you determine whether you need a water softener solution, reading up on the best water softener reviews might be a good starting point then.

Reverse Osmosis

This process uses high pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane is specifically made to be impermeable to water. The membrane functions to filter out large ions and molecules responsible for water hardness. The end result is soft water.


Hard water carries its own pros and cons to one’s house. It is therefore crucial to note that Converting hard water to soft water is important for the long lasting of the appliances as well as maintaining pipes and also keeping your laundry in good conditions.