4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Memory Foam Mattress

High Quality Memory Foam Mattresses Overview

Memory foam mattresses can be hugely beneficial over standard types of mattresses – they can transform the way you sleep and result in a comfortable, healthier and more rested experience.

But not all foam mattresses are made the same – before you choose a mattress for yourself, take a read of these essential 4 questions to ask before you buy a memory foam mattress.

What is the foam density?

Density and thickness are not the same quality when it comes to memory foam. In fact, density describes the physical weight of the foam present.

Why should you consider this? The reason that density is an important factor to assess is that while a mattress may appear to be thick and soft, if it is made of low density foam, then it will not provide a comfortable experience for long. Density assesses how many foam cells are actually present – the greater the density, then the more foam there will actually be.

A higher density foam will not only feel better – it will also last a lot longer too, with a lifespan of several years over those with lower density.

What is the mmHg value?

High Quality Memory Foam Mattresses OverviewAccording to the Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews website, many people choose memory foam mattresses as they provide greater support and improved pressure relief – but how can you find the best mattress with the greatest pressure relief and comfort levels?

MmHg is a form of measurements used to calculate the reaction of a foam mattress against pressure applied to it – you should look for a mattress with as low an mmHg value as possible, as this will ensure you enjoy improved blood circulation and reduced pressure while sleeping on it. Ideally a mattress should have a mmHg of 32 or less for you to enjoy optimum pressure relief.

Is the foam natural or artificial?

Memory foam mattresses can be found made of both synthetic materials and natural fibres. While synthetic mattresses are common, they can harbour some potential health issues. For those looking for those features should look at SureTemp. Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is a great option for those looking to purchasing their first memory foam mattress and wants premium features as it has been getting some great reviews at ratings at memory foam blogs.

As synthetic memory foam is made of fibres similar to nylon and elastic, they can trap and retain body heat, especially when used on a regular basis. This can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep as they become excessively warm – in addition, users often find that they have a chemical-based odour which can linger for a long time.

Natural fibres can allow for a more comfortable environment as they are breathable and prevent odour and heat from building up within the mattress.

Where was it made?

While it is possible to find memory foam mattresses made all over the world, they are not all made to an equal standard or quality level.

It’s best to look for those made in the US, Canada or Europe – despite the fact that these may be priced higher than those from other parts of the world. Though they may be more expensive, they will tend to have better quality materials and avoid using cheap fillers to bulk up their density, or use unsafe chemicals during the production process.

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